Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

With busy roads, crowded airports, and full flights, traveling around the holidays is challenging. I often find myself engaged in various hurry-up-to-wait situations. These days, I hurry less because I prepare more. For example, I set out my clothes the night before and get up earlier. The waiting part is a bit more complex. There is nothing I can do to prevent my flight from being delayed. 

In the past when I found myself waiting at the airport, I would sit down and read or chat until it was time to board. Then, I would board the flight and proceed to sit for several more hours. Even though I hadn’t done much besides sit and wait — and sit and wait some more — I would arrive at my destination exhausted.

However, I discovered that while I can’t control how long I wait at the airport, I can control what I’m doing while I wait. I now take short strolls, squat, balance on one leg, and do some of the simpler yoga postures. While I may come across as a little strange, I have found that waiting is more enjoyable (not a high bar, I know) and I arrive at my destination with more energy.

If you find yourself at the airport with some time to spare, I encourage you to move around. You may discover that the whole traveling experience is improved.   

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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