A Free Sauna

A Free Sauna

I take care of children for a couple of hours several times a month. Usually, we spend the majority of the time indoors, but when it isn’t raining we go outside for about ten minutes. Even though it’s a brief period — less than 10% of the entire time — that time makes a difference. A huge difference. The children seem much calmer and even more content.

Most adults spend even more time inside than children. We too could benefit from time outdoors. In recent years, there have been a raft of studies showing the numerous benefits of being outdoors. In Japan—a country famous for longevity and health—doctors actually prescribe shinrin-yoku (time in nature) to patients who want to get healthy.

I realize it’s the dog days of August, so there’s a good chance that it’s really hot outside. Staying outside for long periods of time may not be beneficial. However, if you hydrate well and wear proper clothing, some time outside may be refreshing . Think of it as a free dry sauna when the humidity’s low and a free steam sauna when the humidity’s high.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy some fresh air and have a safe and healthy week.

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