Being Ready

Being Ready

If I were a perfectionist (as opposed to a recovering perfectionist) you wouldn’t be reading this now because I would be reviewing it, re-editing it, and PERFECTING it. It would remain in my mind and on this computer to be seen by no one. However, I am a recovering perfectionist, and I can post it and simply say: maybe you like it; maybe you don’t; maybe you think it’s great, good, meh, horrible, the worst or good enough. Yes, I hope that it is good enough!

I recently had a conversation with a fellow yoga teacher who wasn’t teaching because she didn’t feel ready. It resonated with me. I too have hesitated to do things – even things I have extensively trained and prepared for – because I didn’t feel ready.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, and I realized that my “ready” really meant perfect. It took me a long time to accept that IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT! Better, yes of course! But perfect, no. If you, like me, are a recovering perfectionist, you may never feel ready.

The funny thing is: perfect for one person doesn’t translate to perfect for another person. Feeling “ready” to begin your fitness journey for you might look different than feeling “ready” for someone else.

Feeling “ready” for you might mean:
– Your yoga pants fit just right in the waist AND the hips.
– You got at least 7.29 hours of sleep last night and are full of energy
– You found a class that is crowded and dark enough that you can hide in the back
– You know exactly what to expect (I mean everything) going in so you won’t look like a newbie

No one’s perfect. Sometimes, we just have to go with it despite our imperfections.
Now – we’ll plan and prepare enough to be safe and choose an appropriate course of action, but we won’t allow perfectionism to prevent us from embarking on our fitness journey.

Life is an experiment and the only way we get better is if we accept (and love) good enough. For with that attitude, good enough becomes better, and great things are accomplished.

Are you recovering from perfection too? Have you told perfectionism that I will do it, and it will be good enough!?

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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