Being put together at all times seems really important, but is it?

Many years ago, I visited an old friend for a weekend. She had moved to a different town— hours away. During my visit, we went to a park with a large lawn. It was a beautiful day and many people were at the park playing ultimate frisbee, having picnics, and walking their dogs.  My friend began doing cartwheels and encouraged me to do the same.  

Even though it looked like she was having a ton of fun, I politely declined. I hadn’t attempted a cartwheel in years. I wasn’t sure I could still do one, and I didn’t want to look stupid in public. She argued that “These people are strangers that you will never see again. You won’t know until you try. Why not enjoy yourself?” She made a good point, and I had a lot of fun that day doing cartwheels. Like me, you may be hesitant to exercise for fear of looking bad in public.  

While I can’t vouch for parks, at many fitness centers there is a certain understanding among most people.They want to exercise and better themselves. Sure, there will probably be some people who are dressed head-to-toe in the latest designer fitness clothes, but they too want to get a good workout in. They are willing to risk getting red-faced, sweaty, and looking awkward so that they can take care of themselves.  

Fitness enthusiasts also realize that  spending this time looking less put together in a fitness center will allow them to look more put together outside the fitness center. It will help them to stand up taller, move with more ease, and have more defined muscles, etc. 

Why not get these benefits too? You won’t know how rewarding it can be until you try. If you need some guidance along your fitness journey, don’t be afraid to seek some support. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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