Guilt By Association

Guilt By Association

I’m not a fan of leaf blowers; they are noisy, emit a lot of fumes, and seem to kick up things that make a beeline straight into my eyes. While most of my interactions with the people using the leaf blowers have been neutral, I still found myself annoyed whenever I saw someone operating one. I’m not proud of it, but it wasn’t until I had a great interaction with someone using a leaf blower that I was able to fully separate the leaf blower from the person. When I did, I was able to truly appreciate the person trying to complete a difficult job.

This interaction occurred when I was at a new job and needed to empty the trash before I left. I knew exactly where the extra trash bags were and had a general idea of where the dumpster should be. As I was lugged a huge trash bag past several upscale shops, I realized I had never actually seen the dumpster. A guy operating a leaf blower could tell I was lost. He stopped and went out of his way to point me in the direction of the dumpster.  

This happens all the time in health and wellness. Maybe you let your aversion to tight yoga pants prevent you from taking a yoga class you’ve heard great things about. Maybe you let your aversion to a diet everyone raved about prevent you from seeking the help of a health coach. Maybe you let your aversion to the loud music at your local big box gym prevent you from seeking the guidance of a personal trainer.  

We all have preferences. Have you, like me, inadvertently let your distaste for something carry over to someone or something else? If so, I encourage you to take a step back and look with fresh eyes. You just may find help when you need it in new places and from new people.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.  

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