It’s Easier

It’s Easier

Have you ever made a choice to do something because it was easier in the moment. However, you later regretted that choice because you didn’t learn or grow? Maybe you wish you had accepted the cooking lessons from your grandmother instead of zoning out in front of the tv — because now you find cooking intimidating. Maybe you wish you had given your new bike a try instead of insisting that you preferred your tricycle — because now can’t use the free bikes to get across campus at work. Maybe you wish you had signed up for your company’s softball team — because they had so much fun and developed great relationships. Sometimes choices that make life easier in the short run make life harder in the long run.

It’s usually a lot easier not to exercise. Exercise is challenging and — let’s be real — most of it’s uncomfortable, but if it’s done correctly, it will make your life easier later. 

Invest in your future, and choose to exercise today.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.  

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