the common struggle

the common struggle

Have you ever felt like you were completely alone with your problem? Have you ever thought that everyone else was doing great, but somehow you weren’t competent? It can be hard to know that others are struggling too when you don’t directly interact with other people.

Teaching is usually an isolated endeavor. One of the sites where I taught outdoor education had a meeting that began when the buses took the kids home. Despite being exhausted from the long week of work, I truly enjoyed the Friday meetings. During the meetings, we could share our most memorable stories of the week. Some were heartwarming, and some were funny — many were heartwarming and funny. 

The stories that really stood out were the stories of struggle. At first I was shocked to hear stories from some of the most experienced and talented teachers. I realized that they too sometimes struggled to reach the children we all wanted to teach and inspire. We had a common struggle.   

Unless you are working out with a trainer, workout buddy, or very social group, exercise can be an isolated activity. It may be tempting to look around and feel like everyone else is comfortable in the gym, knows how to use the equipment, and has a great workout that will produce results. If that’s the case, let this be your abbreviated Friday meeting. You are not alone. I’ve interacted with many people at various fitness facilities, and I’ve found that many people feel uncomfortable in the gym, many people—including some gym regulars— aren’t familiar with how to properly use some of the equipment, and many people don’t know how to come up with an effective workout for themselves.  

Hopefully knowing that you’re not alone is comforting. However, if you would also like some direction, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a fitness professional. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week. 

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