What is your El Cap?

What is your El Cap?

I recently watched a documentary about Alex Honnold’s pursuit to be the first person to free solo Yosemite’s El Cap, arguably the hardest rock formation to summit. He climbed 2,900 feet in 3 h 56 m without safety gear — neither ropes nor a parachute. He lived, breathed, and trained for a fitness goal that most us find ludicrous.

We all have different fitness goals. Some of us are training to climb a dangerous rock formation, some of us are training to confidently climb up the stairs at our local stadium, and some of us are training to climb out of our cars without assistance.

Have you hesitated to ask for help with your fitness goals because you think they aren’t big enough? Maybe you would ask for help if you were training for an unprecedented goal but are having second thoughts about getting assistance for something many others can easily do. Your goal may be smaller but it’s your goal for a reason—it’s important to you. You deserve to find help to reach your goals (whatever they may be) so that you can live life to the fullest.   

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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