Why are we standing in a longer line?

Why are we standing in a longer line?

This may sound weird, but I would sometimes stand in the longer line in a particular grocery store. I did this so that I could spend a couple of moments in the company of a cashier who exuded positivity. I’m fairly confident that I wasn’t the only one who did this, because he seemed to be busier than the other cashiers.  

This cashier’s name-tag read Tommy Light*. I don’t know if that was his real name or not, but it was certainly fitting. His warmth and good-natured attitude radiated around him. I first came across Tommy Light during a difficult time in my life, but I always felt uplifted after an interaction with him. 

We humans are social creatures. To feel our best, we need human interaction — some more than others. Since COVID-19 hit, most of us have been “socially distancing.” Socially distancing may have kept us safer, but it has come at a cost for some of us — feeling more isolated than ever before. 

One of the wonderful things about the health and wellness field is that it can be very social. I’m not advocating that you throw caution to the wind, but some kind of real human interaction (with proper precautions) may help you feel better. This could be a live-streaming personal training session, an in-person personal training session with proper precautions, a live-streaming group exercise class, or a health coaching call. 

Just as many shoppers were willing to spend more time at the grocery store to have a positive interaction with another human being, I think you may find it beneficial to have a more meaningful coaching or training experience with a fellow human. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy month.

*Names were changed in this story.

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