Adjust for the right reasons

Adjust for the right reasons

Have you ever made a goal that seemed amazing when you made it but stopped resonating with you? As we learn and grow, our interests may change. When you have a goal that no longer resonates you, it may be a good idea to pivot and find a new goal. Maybe being a conductor was your dream job growing up, but you realized being a pilot allowed you to travel and explore more. Maybe you wanted to be a pediatric nurse growing up, but you realized being a teacher would allow you to work more closely with students. 

At other times, our life experiences make our goals seems even more important to us. This was the case for an acquaintance of mine who wanted to be a singer. She was a bright student and a talented singer who had applied to several prestigious schools as a music major. The competition was tough.  She was determined to get good grades, great test scores, a moving essay, impressive extra-curricular activities, and a flawless audition and interview.  She told me after working so hard to achieve these things, she fumbled the audition to her first-choice school. She got nervous, sang too quickly, and missed a couple of notes. 

After that performance, she wasn’t optimistic about her chances of studying music at her dream school.  She thought about walking out before the interview and giving up on her dream. She only stayed because her ride wasn’t ready to pick her up. When the interviewer broached the subject of her audition, she admitted that she messed up. She explained that she was still learning.  She wanted to learn how to perform better, and thought that she would best learn at that school. She got in.

This year I encourage you to evaluate any goal(s) you may have. If you’re working towards an important goal this year— especially if it is a large goal—chances are you will probably have some obstacles or setbacks. When this happens, it can be tempting to throw your goal out the window. However, if your goal is important to you, don’t let those obstacles or setbacks prevent you from moving forward.  Don’t give up because you don’t know what the future may hold. If you need some help navigating obstacles or setbacks, don’t be afraid to ask a coach or other qualified professional for some assistance.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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