Are You Putting In the Necessary Work?

Are You Putting In the Necessary Work?

A while back I was talking to a newly graduated yoga instructor. At that point, I had been teaching yoga for several years. Knowing this, she asked for some advice on how to modify several yoga poses – with and without props.  She explained that some of the locations she taught at had many props, but others provided her with no props. I was able to help her with some teaching strategies, but she also ended up helping me.

I was impressed that she was able to teach at so many locations so soon after graduation. I had relocated from a town that had a lot of yoga instructors, and thus, was extremely competitive. I had only approached a couple of locations near my new home. I felt very grateful to be allowed to teach at these places, but I wanted to teach more.  While I was putting in a lot of effort to become a better yoga instructor, I wasn’t putting any effort into finding more teaching opportunities. If I wanted to teach more, I wasn’t doing the necessary work.

Necessary work can vary depending on your goals. Sometimes the necessary work is obvious. Sometimes it isn’t. When you are working hard at something, it can be easy to overlook the necessary work. Maybe at this stage in your life you’re not putting in that much effort towards your goals at all, because you’re so busy juggling the day-to-day stuff.

 An outside perspective can often help you. You may just need to have a brief conversation to gain some clarity, or you may need some ongoing support to complete the necessary work.  If you’re not getting closer to your goals, I encourage you to reach out to a professional to get some guidance and support to help you have more good days.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a safe and healthy month!

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