Setting Yourself Up For Success

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Walking along the beach, I saw a photographer taking family portraits. The family was lined up in the water – with their backs to the ocean.  Even though the water was calm that day, each of them winced every single time a wave hit. Because they couldn’t see the waves coming, every wave was a surprise. Their photographer took shot after shot and didn’t seem happy. Even from a distance, the frustration was palpable.  

Being caught off guard is jarring. Surprises are inevitable, but we can often make small adjustments and set ourselves up for success. Had that family decided to scoot closer to the dry beach, they still would have had a beautiful background and probably could have gotten a better picture in a fraction of the time.

Is there something throwing you off kilter?  What adjustments can you make? If it seems like your less-than-desirable situation is inevitable, I invite you to request an outside perspective. A health coach or trainer can help you explore other options, make a plan, provide accountability, and get you set you up for success in a fraction of the time. The surprises will be minimized, and the ease will be maximized.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy month!

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