A while back a gentleman told me that he knows our food choices are important because of his beloved dog, Buddy. Buddy’s fat to muscle ratio had increased, and he wasn’t moving as well as he used to. He tried to walk Buddy more in an attempt to burn off some of the excess pounds, but Buddy didn’t have much energy. 

Worried that something was seriously wrong, he took Buddy to the veterinarian. One of the first questions the vet asked was what Buddy ate. The vet sent the gentlemen home with a prescription for dog food, a sample for Buddy to try, and a list of healthier over the counter dog foods options in case Buddy didn’t like the prescription. It worked. Buddy burned fat and gained energy, and now begs the gentleman for his daily walks.

Many of us have also seen our fat to muscle ratio increase and our energy level decrease. There are many components of health and wellness, and they all complement each other. If you’re focusing on one component and not seeing results, you might not be addressing that component correctly. However, there’s a chance you’re overlooking a different component that is actually the one that is preventing your progress. If you need some help along your journey to a healthier body, please don’t be afraid to reach out to a health coach or other nutrition or fitness professional for guidance. They may help you see the big picture and help you devise the right strategy to address all of the components. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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