The time is now; Now is the Time

The time is now; Now is the Time

I had the privilege of watching a colleague undergo a major health transformation while we were teaching at a science camp. We were working long hours in a remote location. There was only one gym somewhat nearby, and it couldn’t usually accommodate our odd schedule. Our short meal breaks meant that, unless we had the day off, we had to eat in the temptation-full cafeteria.

Still, my colleague had decided that, now was the time — he would not wait for a “good time.” He wanted to get a healthier body. He developed an action plan. He found a workout that consisted entirely of bodyweight exercises.  Knowing he needed support, he got his very active roommate on board and together they got up early to perform exercises in their room every day before work. He also informed his other colleagues of his goals, so that we could motivate him and hold him accountable. We cheered him on as he bypassed the corndogs and cookies and looked for the healthiest choices available.  

To get a healthier body, you will need to overcome some obstacles. At certain times, there may be more than others. At certain times, there will be fewer obstacles. However, if we’re honest with ourselves, there will never really be “a good time.” 

Our health might decline while we wait for this supposed “good time.” Why wait until the New Year? Why not get started now? Yes, it’s the holidays. Yes, there’s a plethora of tempting sweets available. Yes, it’s getting dark early.  Sure these are obstacles, but just think—if you are able to overcome these obstacles now—you will start off the New Year with a healthier body and strategies in pace to help you overcome future obstacles. Overcoming obstacles makes overcoming other obstacles easier.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week. 

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