For Really Big Mistakes

For Really Big Mistakes

I used to own a huge pink eraser about the size of my head. On one side it said “For Really Big Mistakes.” I liked that eraser because it was funny. As much as we would like to take an eraser to our really big mistakes, these are rarely the type of mistakes that can be cleaned up with an eraser—no matter how large it is.  

Most of my really big mistakes weren’t the result of one decision. Rather, they consisted of smaller choices that didn’t support my health. I repeated these choices over and over again until they became an unhealthy habit—one really big mistake.

Your big mistakes may be different than mine or others, but it’s probably a mistake if it leaves you feeling depleted in the long run. 

Maybe your mistake is staying up late to watch your favorite shows. You thought this helped you to unwind, but you now realize that you are so tired you constantly feel like a zombie — even with caffeine.  

Maybe your mistake is eating the free junk food at work. You loved this perk when you first started the position, but now you realize it isn’t as great as it seemed. Your stomach often feels upset after you eat it, and you’ve went up several pant sizes since taking the position. 

Maybe your mistake is opting to move as little as possible, because your schedule is so hectic. You thought you were saving time, but you now realize you’re so out of shape that you can’t cross the parking lot at work without having to stop several times to catch your breath.

While we can’t take an eraser to these mistakes, we can learn new healthy habits. We can find another way to unwind, take a healthy snack to work, and start on an exercise program. Don’t be afraid to ask for help along your journey. It sounds simple enough, but in practice — it isn’t easy. You might have reinforced this habit for months, years, or  possibly even decades. Don’t give up—more good days await.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week. 

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