Good Action Bad Timing

Good Action Bad Timing

I remember waiting for my ride to pick me up from Kindergarten. My best friend’s mother would pick me up, and I could hang out at their house for several hours until my mother got off work. Because my best friend attended a different school, sometimes they were a couple of minutes late. I didn’t mind. I found a nice rock in the shade outside my classroom that allowed me to see the street. I’d patiently wait there until I’d hear my best friend call my name as she pulled open the blue minivan’s door. Then I’d run over to the van and jump in.     

One day I waited for what seemed like a long time. I looked around and realized I couldn’t see any kids milling around or any cars pulling up to the school. Just as I was starting to worry, another friend came up to me skillfully bouncing a big red ball with her right hand. “What ya doing?” she asked. I explained that I was waiting for my ride.

“You can wait later” she said. “It’s recess. Come play with us.” I remember the relief flooding my body. Suddenly it made sense that everyone had disappeared. They had all run to the playground without me realizing it. I joined her and some of my other friends in a game of four square. 

Just like there was a time for me to play and a time for me to wait for my ride, there is a time to take care of others and a time to take care of yourself. Both actions are needed. If you’ve been noticing that you’re always caring for others, it’s time to take care for yourself too.

As a fellow caretaker, I know that caring for ourselves is often harder than caring for others. If you don’t know where to begin or what do in order to have more good days, I encourage you reach out to myself or another qualified health professional.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy month.

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