I think you can…I think you can

I think you can…I think you can

A while ago I worked with a student who was convinced that they couldn’t do something. This student told me that I was asking them to do the impossible. Because they were so convinced that they were going to fail, they didn’t even want to try.

It’s hard to hear such negative and defeatist talk from someone — especially someone so young. I always praised their efforts. I told them I didn’t care if they won or lost. I just wanted them to try their best. I pointed out their progress over time and told them that if they continued to work hard, they would continue to get better. Despite having many of these conversations, it didn’t seem like I was getting though. Then one day that student excitedly yelled over to me that they had just completed the task with flying colors.

Just like this student, many of us have tasks that we wish we could accomplish but seem impossible to us. The task may be impossible, but we don’t know until we try – and try – and try again. Growth and progress take time. If you’re feeling discouraged, don’t hesitate to get a coach who has studied the task you’re trying to complete. They may be able to see things more objectively so they can guide and encourage you down the road to success. With a good strategy, some determination, and a lot of hard work, you too might be able to complete your task with flying colors.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy month!

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