After completing my yoga RYT 200 teacher training, I began searching for yoga teaching positions. It didn’t go well. I got rejection after rejection after rejection stating that they were looking for someone who had experience. I agree that experience can help you become a better teacher. However, I had experience. I had been teaching in other capacities for years. Granted, I probably was not be as polished as the yoga teachers who had been teaching yoga for many years, but it wasn’t my first rodeo either.

It took a while before someone thought that teaching science is similar enough to teaching yoga, and I was given the opportunity to audition.

One of the takeaway messages in science is that everything is interconnected, which is why I realize that even though it may not seem so at first — experience and knowledge in one area of your life often help with other areas of your life.

I see this in fitness all the time.

-It isn’t obvious that being able to hold your body in a plank for 30 seconds can give you the courage to have a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding, but it can.
-It isn’t obvious that learning how to strength train can give you a better memory, but it can.
-It isn’t obvious that breathing slowly in a yoga class can give you a more centered approached when a challenging situation presents itself later in the day, but it can.

It can be tempting to ignore your fitness because being physically fit isn’t your top priority right now, but everything is interconnected. If you are currently ignoring your physical fitness, I encourage you to reconsider. You may discover that regular physical fitness training not only improves your body, but it also improves your mind so that you can accomplish all of your top priorities.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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