Practice Makes Better

Practice Makes Better

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” I’ve used this in many conversations with others and even myself.  I thought of it as a motivational saying until I took the time to really think about the expression. Maybe it doesn’t work that well.

What exactly is perfect? Is perfect for you the same as perfect for me? Does perfect change as we learn new things? It seems to me like perfect is this impossible ideal that can never truly be met. If this is the case, then practice can’t make perfect.

That said, I think practice is incredibly important. Even though it was a while back, I still recall a coworker lying on the floor — unable to move— after completing a half marathon with two other coworkers.  While the other two coworkers had  been training for months—getting up at first light to run—this coworker hadn’t done anything to prepare.  He decided on a whim to sign up days before the race.

Impressively, he was able to complete the half marathon, but he finished much later and had a much tougher time recovering than those who had trained. He learned the value of practice, but it was a hard lesson. While some of us are naturally gifted in certain areas—like this coworker in endurance running—practice makes you better. Can you imagine how well he would have done had he actually taken the time and energy to practice first? 

Practice isn’t easy. It often requires planning, patience, and the ability to overcome setbacks. Sometimes it takes an outsider with a better understanding of the task at hand to help you design a program. If you’re having trouble creating and sticking to a program, I encourage you to find the support you need. If the program you are trying to implement is centered on fitness or health, feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a safe and healthy month.   

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