Safety in Numbers?

Safety in Numbers?

It’s human instinct to assume there’s always safety in numbers. I’m sure there are times in my life when being with a large group of people kept me safe, but I also know that there have been other times when following the crowd wasn’t good for me.

Most people acknowledge that peer pressure can be detrimental for kids. Growing up, I remember hearing numerous campaigns and lectures about the dangers of peer pressure.  After high school, these campaigns and lectures seemed to disappear. 

Society acts as though peer pressure isn’t a problem for adults. Is that really true, though? My own personal experience and my experience coaching others suggests that peer pressure doesn’t go away as we age and can be bad.

As adults, these pressures are often to eat unhealthy food, remain sedentary, and be so busy that sleep and recovery are afterthoughts. Have you ever been pressured to try a dessert after politely declining, to take an elevator or escalator instead of taking the stairs, or take on one more project even though your schedule’s full?

If any of this sounds familiar, I encourage you to see these suggestions for what they really are — peer pressure. Unfortunately, so many of us are unhealthy, and always doing what everyone else is doing may lead us further down that same path. If you need some help resisting peer pressure, I encourage you to find a health coach to provide guidance and support along your journey towards better health. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week. 

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