The Commute

The Commute

I used to work far away from where I lived. The commute was horrible. It seemed like every other day I was witnessing an accident or was stuck in some other unexpected delay. I knew if I wanted to keep my job and my sanity, I needed to make some adjustments. 

I wasn’t familiar with the area so I began experimenting with my commute. I learned a lot and my commute changed for the better.

  • I learned to avoid particular accident-prone intersections.
  • I learned to avoid school bus boarding zones. 
  • I learned to avoid construction zones. 
  • I learned that traffic varied by the day of the week.
  • I learned that if I came to work a little early, I usually found a better parking spot faster. 

Even though I still had a commute, it wasn’t nearly as daunting.

Exercise is similar. It’s tough to get into a fitness routine at first. You may encounter a lot of roadblocks, construction zones, accident-prone intersections, etc. 

Experiments will help. You’ll learn ways to make exercising smoother. A coach or friend who has dealt with these issues can save you some time and expedite your progress so that you live life to the fullest and make more good days.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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