Two Left Feet

Two Left Feet

Are you tempted to write off fitness because you didn’t like a class you attended?

I didn’t like my first Zumba class at all. The instructor was using fast-paced, intricate choreography that turned us in all different directions. I couldn’t see her well, and her brief verbal cues didn’t help me. 

Because I don’t have a background in dance, I expected a steep learning curve. However, I didn’t expect to be so inept that I was colliding with my neighbors as I scanned the room trying to figure out what the next step was.

Instructors can’t be everything to everyone. My inability to follow the class was not a reflection on the Zumba instructor. I was excited to try her class because she had an impressive dance background and a large, loyal following. It didn’t occur to me until after class that she probably attracted a lot of dancers and enthusiasts who liked challenging choreography.

I still wanted to do Zumba, so I tried a second class with another instructor. The experience was entirely different. The choreography was less intricate, and the instructor provided cues that made sense to me. Sure — I got lost. I got lost a lot. But I wasn’t lost the entire time. When I did find myself lost, I smiled, waited for another cue, and got back to dancing.

If you didn’t enjoy a class, I urge you to try a different instructor or format. Maybe the instructor or the format just wasn’t a good fit for you. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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