The Spider

The Spider

It feels like yesterday that I was escorting several young campers to the bathrooms in the woods. I waited outside as they used the facilities. They were gone for only a moment before one of the young girls ran back. She was screaming that there was a spider in one of the stalls. She looked to me for help. She didn’t know that I too was afraid of spiders.

I was her caretaker. It was my job to take care of her — not reinforce her fear of spiders by screaming too. I told her that if she didn’t feel comfortable using the stall with the spider in it, she could use another stall, or I could take the spider outside. Of course, she wanted the spider out 🙂 I grabbed a leaf from the ground, mustered all of the courage I could, and walked into the stall. I scooped the spider onto the leaf and escorted that spider outside.

If I was alone, I too might have left that stall and used the one furthest from the spider. I may have even walked to the restroom across camp.

As caretakers, we often push past things that make us feel uncomfortable if it means it helps those we care for. However, it is sometimes harder to muster that same courage for ourselves. We may underestimate our strength and discount our courage.

Just like it takes courage to escort a spider out of a building when you are scared of spiders, it takes courage to commit to a health and wellness program. Luckily — you are strong.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week. 

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