Have you ever been afraid to learn something?

I was once supervising a small group of elementary school girls when one of the girl’s shoes came untied. When another girl pointed it out, the girl with the untied shoes defiantly claimed that she preferred them that way. That was abnormal behavior for her — she was usually so sweet. 

I had a gut feeling that she couldn’t tie her shoes and her defiance was her way to protect herself. I told her that she didn’t have to tie her shoes. However, she would have to tuck her shoelaces in so she wouldn’t trip. When a look of relief crossed her face, I knew I was right. 

Later that day I pulled her aside and offered to teach her how to tie her shoes. She gratefully agreed. She told me she had been bullied for not being able to tie her shoes. 

Learning something new takes time and practice whether you are learning how to tie your shoes, how to perform a new exercise, or relax 🙂 into a new yoga pose. Sometimes others may catch on more quickly than you. Sometimes you will need to ask for help and guidance over and over and over again. Sometimes you may end up looking incompetent in front of others. It may make you feel vulnerable, but don’t give up. Just like you’ve probably gotten really good at tying your shoes, you can get better at whatever you are trying to learn. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a safe and healthy week. 

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