Confidence in the Kitchen

Confidence in the Kitchen

Have you ever found a recipe online, read though a long narrative with precise cooking tips, looked at all the exquisite pictures, realized that the recipe required some special cooking instrument you didn’t own, and decided that making that recipe is way too difficult? Then, in hopes of finding something easier, skimmed through several other recipes only to find that they are even more complex? I’ve been there. I rarely have the desire (or time) to spend several hours in the kitchen just to prepare one intricate meal.

Following intricate recipes isn’t realistic for most people, which is why I rarely use or recommend them. I cook the majority of what I eat from scratch, but I cook basic meals, using basic ingredients.

I often hear people proclaim that they can’t cook, and after scrolling through all these convoluted recipes, I can see where this belief comes from. However, basic cooking using basic ingredients isn’t nearly as hard or as time consuming as many people think.

If the idea of cooking something overwhelms you, start with something basic like eggs with salt and pepper. Then, as you gain confidence, experiment. You might try adding some other spices to your eggs or serving them with an avocado.

Few people understand that cooking is an art — it is subjective. By experimenting with different amounts of flavors and ingredients instead of following a complicated recipe, you can discover (and recreate) what you and your loved ones find delicious.

Happy cooking! Take it easy 🙂

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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