Don’t Mess

Don’t Mess

“Don’t mess. Don’t mess. Don’t mess with the best, cuz the best don’t mess. From the East to the West, the Ladybugs are the best!” This was one of several cheers my soccer team, the Ladybugs, would yell before running onto the field.  Despite having a name that wasn’t at all intimidating, we were pretty good. Maybe not always the best in our league and certainly not from the East to the West, but we were good. 

Other teams tried to mess with us. On more than one occasion, we watched as girls spit on their hands before lining up after the game to shake our hands. There were times when some of the other team’s players refused to shake our hands at all and just walked past our outstretched hands. I even recall one time when the other team’s coach refused to shake our coach’s hand. 

Our coach taught us to always take the high road because “The best don’t mess.” I’m not quite sure what the other team hoped to gain from such behavior. If anything, the other teams’ attempts to mess with us brought us closer together. It made us a stronger team. 

I realize being messed with as part of a group is a lot easier to tolerate than individual scrutiny. 

Has anyone said something or done something to make you question whether exercise is right for you? You don’t always have be a winner to have a winning attitude. If you’re still feeling some fear and uncertainty, I encourage you to seek help from a fitness professional or health coach. It is our job to bring out your best and remind you that The Best Don’t Mess!

  Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe and healthy week.

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